Foundation Partners


DeMarco-Stone Funeral Home

DeMarco-Stone Funeral Home has always supported the foundation and always will.  Nobody understands better than they do about Tyler’s battle against cancer and his dream to make a difference for all children who face a cancer diagnosis. DeMarco-Stone Funeral Homes in Rotterdam, Guilderland and the affiliate, White Van-Buren Funeral Home in Delanson is our family; their support is unconditional!

Curry Freeze Ice Cream Store

Curry Freeze Ice Cream Store has been in business in Rotterdam, NY for many, many years. Owner, Robert Draiss and his family have been very generous supporters of the Tyler DeMarco Foundation and our “FORE HOPE” Golf Tournament from the very beginning.  We are delighted to have gotten to know Bob and his wonderful family and are proud to call them friends!

Camelot Print & Copy Center

Camelot Print & Copy Center has generously thrown their support behind us and have become a vital part of our success.  When owner, John Derboghossian learned about our foundation and what we do, he asked to meet with us.  When we sat down with John he made a commitment of support that knocked us out of our chairs!  There is no dispute, Camelot is our knight in shinning armor and we are blessed to have that support and friendship!

The Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center

The Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center has a special place in our hearts… the’re like family!  This incredible hospital was our second home for nearly four years while we faced the most challenging time of our lives. Thanks to Tyler, we are focused on making the Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center the very best it can be for every child and family who face the horror of childhood cancer. Albany Medical Center is working with us in every possible way to make this happen… it’s a partnership we are very proud of!

Attorney James Schultz and his firm Maynard, O’Connor, Smith & Catalinotto, LLP

James Schultz and his firm provides the valuable support and insight necessary to keep our 501(c)(3) Not-for- Profit healthy in the legal sense. James stepped forward like a God-send when we were perplexed on how to start a charitable foundation. James has never left our side and continues to serve our foundation as we grow and move forward in Tyler’s fight against childhood cancer!

Rotterdam PBA

Rotterdam PBA has always been ready to help the foundation whenever they are able and continue to support us every year. We appreciate their generous commitment!

Ryan’s Embroidery

Ryan’s Embroidery supplies all our apparel and merchandise needs. The Ryan family’s generosity, support and creativity goes well beyond what we ever expected. We are forever grateful for their continuous commitment, support and enthusiasm for what we do!

Mallozzi’s Clubhouse at Western Turnpike Golf Course

Mallozzi’s Clubhouse at Western Turnpike Golf Course provides the food to our “FORE HOPE” Golf Tournament. Their generous contribution and support at this event is second to none and their food is perfection and always makes “FORE HOPE” a memorable experience!

John’s Auto Service

John’s Auto Service Owner, John Bellai remains committed to our Fight against Childhood Cancer by providing financial and promotional support. With John’s assistance our major fundraisers have been a huge, wonderful success!

Client 1 Multimedia

Client 1 Multimedia started our website and has kept us up and running since our inception.  Dave DeRossi continues to modify our website to fit our purpose as we continue to evolve.  Dave has been wonderful at keeping us current, safe, and user friendly; and we can’t thank him enough!

Cliff’s Body Shop

Cliff’s Body Shop Jeff Gill is the owner of Cliff’s Body Shop. Jeff’s family like ours, has also suffered a great personal loss. The friendship and support we receive from Jeff is simply another blessing that helps to keep us progressing forward!

Dikas Advertising

Dikas Advertising The very moment I talked to owner, Ron Dikas he wanted me to tell him Tyler’s story and the details about what we do as a charitable foundation. After carefully listening Ron simply said; “Enough said, this is important – send me what you want in an ad and I’ll publish it at no cost to you.” Thanks to Ron’s generosity we can now be seen in the monthly publications of Our Towne Rotterdam and Our Towne Schenectady & Niskayuna. It certainly goes without saying, we really appreciate Ron’s generous support… Thank you, Ron!

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