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8c65B5bziIf you would like to volunteer your time, energy, talents or conduct a fundraiser in support of the Tyler DeMarco Foundation just let us know. Simply contact us and tell us how you may be interested in helping.  In most cases you will be contacted within (72) hours.
*All volunteers are required to sign our Volunteer Pledge.
* Some volunteer positions may require background check.


OR – Try one of these 3 great ideas at home, work or school and inspire children, family, friends, and co-workers to get involved. Simply choose a program(s) and submit your desire to participate on our Contact Page.


Collect all those beverage bottles and cans that are discarded every day… there are lots of them everywhere! Collect from home, work, school, church, anywhere! Consider setting up specially marked barrels, bins, or similar containers so discarded beverage cans and bottles can be neatly and easily collected. When the containers get full simply trade the bottles and cans in for their cash value. The cash you receive can then be donated to the Tyler DeMarco Foundation. This is a great way to keep our environment neat and clean while supporting Tyler’s fight against childhood cancer!

Contact Us to join the U-Can campaign today!


Tabs-4-Tyler only requires a small container strategically located in a kitchen, break room, cafeteria or anywhere beverages are typically consumed. This can be done at home, school, work, church, or other community location. Educate everyone you know to simply remove the aluminum “pull-tabs” from every can they use and deposit only the “tabs” into the specially marked Tabs-4-Tyler container. When the container is filled with “tabs” simply bring them to us or a recycling center where they can be weighed and redeemed for cash. This is a simple, clean and easy way to help us in our fight against childhood cancer. Tabs-4-Tyler provides a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about philanthropy as they participate in Tyler’s Fight against Childhood Cancer!

Contact Us to join the Tabs-4-Tyler campaign today!


Are you one of those people who get annoyed by the distraction of carrying loose change in your pocket? At the end of the day do you find all that loose change is only getting in your way? Are you bothered by the thought of counting and rolling all those coins? Do you know others at home, school, or work, who feel the same way? If so, It-All-Counts program is for you! When you’re ready simply ask us to take the coins off your hands and we’ll count it, roll it and put it to use… Making a Difference for Children with Cancer!

Contact Us to join the It-All-Counts campaign today!

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