"No kid should have to go through this..." ~ Tyler DeMarco

A Single Act of Kindness

Act of Kindness 2015What can be said and what can be felt that we haven’t already experienced?  Plenty! Even as we approach 5 years without our precious and Amazing Tyler we continue to experience new and intense grief as we try our best to move forward.  It’s something that does not come easy; actually, it’s something that does not come at all!  We miss him and his life so much!  “Normal” has still not found us; and honestly, it never will!  All we do know is that if still here Tyler, like his big brother Ryan, would have continued to be that young, loving, compassionate, faithful, honest, talented, funny and witty young man that always puts others before himself … that’s just who they are!

It is for this reason we ask those of you who are so inclined, to honor our Amazing Tyler’s memory on Monday February 23, 2015 by performing a Single Act of Kindness for someone who crosses your path.  In doing so, you will be honoring the memory of a young boy who deeply understood what his God given purpose was while on the face of this earth.

Thank you in advance,

Don, Pam, Ryan, Tyler (Always)


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