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Albany Med. Children’s Hosp… It’s More Than Medicine


December 06, 2014

Pam and Donny-

I wanted to reach out to you and all of the people who follow the incredible work of your foundation in loving memory of your amazing son Tyler! When I sat at the fundraising dinner 6 months ago and listened to all of the wonderful changes and supports the foundation has funded I never thought I would have the opportunity to witness and use it first hand.

On Monday afternoon 12/1 my daughter Kelsey gave birth to an 8 lb 41 week baby girl. The delivery was brutal and lasted for many hours. Baby Ava’s first apgar score was a 1 and they rushed her upstairs to the NICU. It was determined that she had been oxygen deprived for a time that was undetermined. She was fitted with a “cool cap” which is a very new and costly technology that was funded through philanthropic dollars. It has been a grueling time for our family the last 5 days and I know that many other families endure much longer and difficult pain. The unit itself has made so many amazing changes. Private rooms for each baby with a couch and a individual nurse for each as well. It is just an amazing place and I know that all of these things were funded through dollars that your foundation works tirelessly to earn.  Today our news was miraculous and we are so blessed to be one family that was able to have a positive outcome for their child. There are so many others there that need all of the comforts and necessities that are essential for families to spend important quality time with their child whether the outcome is good or devastating.

Thank you both so much for your tireless efforts and to Tyler for his eternal inspiration that moves you to continue doing what you do. As the Christmas season approaches I hope that people consider buying one less gift and making that so necessary check out to your foundation. God bless all that your family does!!

Deb Wood

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